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    About Us

    The year was 1956.
    Ike was the President of the United States of America, the New York Yankees had won the World Series, and Elvis had just appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was a different world.
    Fast forward to this year. The world has changed a lot since O&G Hardware was founded (then Oil & Gas Equipment Corp), but one thing remains the same; our commitment to you.
    How O&G Hardware Stood The Test Of Time
    After more than six decades of continuous operation, we have narrowed the ingredients for long-lasting success down to three simple things; dedication, professionalism, and a smile.
    We are deeply rooted in our communities and go above and beyond to offer every field operator to DIYer who walks through our doors an unforgettable experience. Above all, we are striving to build lasting relationships that defy time. Serving Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, we have established a long-lasting connection with our loyal customers who trust us with their hardware needs.
    What Makes Us Stand Out?
    Our experienced and friendly experts will go out of their way to answer all your questions and offer you products that will cover your needs (from production wellsite and valve repair to hardware, plumbing, electrical, lawn and garden, and more). We try to call you by your name when you come in and will help you to your vehicle.
    These are just a few things that set us apart.
    Remembering The Past, Building A Bright Future